Code - Art - Games

Liv is writing, managing, and crying over code while creating hobby art and playing many RPG and storytelling style games. 


A few years of experience have given the skills needed to build, manage, and create custom code for Lorekeeper installations.

Custom  Code

I've created multiple custom rollers and code snippets for ARPGs over the years, including breed rollers, point counters, bank solutions, and more!

Community Manager

With great power comes great responsibility! Years of community management has helped me develop skills related to problem solving, de-escalation, and solution management.

Digital Art

A tale as old as time, I've been drawing for over half my life and that includes digital drawings and illustrations for ARPGs or personal characters and worlds.

Administrative Work

On top of creating content for multiple games, I also manage and run my own and help others manage and run their groups. 

Infrastructure Engineer

On top of the front-end and developer work that I partake in, I also work fulltime as an infrastructure and monitoring senior engineer.


Lorekeeper Commissions

Installing, Managing, or creating custom formatting and pages for Lorekeeper sites. This can be anything from a rework of the profile page, to installing extensions or Lorekeeper on a new domain.

Trades Only

Character Artwork

Characters can be any species or from any group. This varies from Designs to illustrations.


Custom Code

Custom work for ARPGs, including rollers, activity rollers, point counting, or other solutions.