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the restless mercenary

Valiant and bravem with a desire for battle and glory, Skjold fought alongside his bonded companion Sverd for nearly thirty years of his life. The two grew up together and learned to move and fight in a way that was more an elaborate dance than battle, protecting their village and clan in the name of their clan leader. A perfect unit, the pair fought alongside other warriors from their village in battle, protecting it from bandits, thieves, and those who would do it harm. Recognized for their service, they were held in high esteem for many years by the village and it's people, however it was not meant to last.

Greed eventually overtook those they were sworn to protect, and the sold out their warriors to a bandit clan that often found themselves on the receiving end of glorious combat. In the night they snuck into the village and did away with the warriors who protected them, in exchange for money and goods. Sverd lost his life, and Skjold lost the bond he had cherished for his entire life. The village perished anyways, bandits cannot be trusted in the end, and Skjold rejected their pleas for help when the time came. Living in self-exile, he is a mercenary for hire with a exemplary past and many scars on both his body and soul.

Now he is a gruff and to-the-point Vayron, the social skills he picked up while living among humans makes him unsuitable for a pack or clan, but he will protect them if they ask it of him. All he asks in exchange is a quiet place to stay and perhaps some food. He considers the pride and excitement he once gleened from battle a curse, and avoids it unless it directly affects him or it benefits him in some way. His size is often enough to deter those who would pick a fight with him to prove something, and the scars and haunted look in his eyes is often enough to deter any others.


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Quick Facts

Skjold and Sverd were once well recognized and known throughout Roenden. After Sverd's death and Skjold's disappearance, their fame faded and Skjold is barely a memory now.

Despite his obvious penchant for battle, Skjold is slow to engage or provoke a fight.

Believing magic to be a cowards method, Skjold doesn't practice much if any combat based spells.

His Companion, Finneu, has only ever know the companion of the wilds. Baltic's distaste for most humans stems from the fact that they abandoned her as a child.



Leader and stalwart protector of the mountain range clan Skjold has taken to staying with. Friendly and always concerned about him, annoyingly.


And old friend from days long passed, encountering this puller refreshes old memories Skjold would rather forget. Always seems to know more about Skjold's life than he should, highly suspicious.

Lore Pieces and Stats

Gender: Male
Age: 45
Species: Vayron
Type: Puller
Fur: Duveteux
- Silken Ears
- Long Tuft Tail
- Feline Eyes
Genotype Char+nTb/nRi
Phenotype Ringed Charcoal with Tobiano