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the watchful protector

Alexstrasza at first glance appears to be a calm, and gentle soul. She speaks in such a manner that would suggest she's caring, gentle, soft spoken, and compassionate, definitely at least two things that are true. Upon closer inspection, or by putting her clan or friends in danger, it becomes quite clear she is the farthest thing from gentle and soft spoken. Her ferocity when protecting those she treasures, and her territory, is rarely matched. Her quiet nature is not her allowing others to speak over her, it is her gathering and collecting information and strategy against those who may do her and her clan harm. Those within her inner circle know her gentle nature and smooth tone are masks for the manipulative and highly intelligent intentions of her actions and words. Nothing goes on in her territory without her knowledge, and no one will bring harm to those in her charge.


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High Class Quest
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Quick Facts

Alexstrasza is one of the founders and leaders of the mountain clan that claims some of Roendens northernmost mountains.

Not a fan of magic, Alex has no desire to hone her skill - though she is capable.

Initially her distaste for humans stemmed from their constant enroaching on her old family groups territory, but actions against her clan have reinforced them.

Had her mate Baltic not soul-bonded with a human girl, Finneu, Alex firmly believes they would have been the perfect bonded pair.



Partner, companion, and trusted leader, Baltic tempers Alex's desire to act impulsively and reigns her in when she needs someone to. A great respect and love for him was the only thing that kept her from leaving the puller when he bonded to a human. Together they lead their clan in the wilds, and are rarely ever separated.


First accepted into the clan for his ability to communicate and barter with humans, Kale is respected by Alex for his ability to travel great distances safely and quickly. He aides the clan in finding and rescuing lost members or those who may need their help, and he is an invaluable ally in a pinch.


Impressed with his skill and experience, Alex initially offered him a place among their clan after she found him fighting off a pack of wolves by himself. He denied that time, and many of the times after she extended the offer. Eventually he agreed to stay with them when he was not needed elsewhere. Many believe Alex idolizes him, but really she just has a deep respect for him.

Lore Pieces and Stats

Gender: Female
Age: 30
Species: Vayron
Type: Puller
Fur: Lisse
- Vulpes Ears
- Base Brush Tail
- Pupiless Eyes
Genotype Faw+Du/Or/nPn/nSb/nTb/Gr
Phenotype Dusted Oriental Fawn with Sable, Pangare, Tobiano, and Greying