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the watchful protector

Cool and collected, Baltic tends to be the voice of reason when all other voices are drowned out. His age brings him experience and wisdom, and his tendancy to sit and observe has benefitted him many times. He is fiercly protective of his his companion Finneu, and if she is in danger he is not afraid to show his teeth.

A longtime companion and partner to Alexstrasza, the clan leader in which he resides, Baltic is an invaluable ally and advisor. Though he tends to be a pushover on many day-to-day things, when it really matters he is fully capable of holding his ground, even against Alex. Often seen as the wise older Vayron of the group, he is often gently teased about generally anything anyone can pick out. His reluctance to fight back and simply sit and take the jabs makes him an easy - and enjoyable - target for fun and jokes.

Very little is known about Baltic's early history. He talks very little about his past, and even Alex seems unaware of exactly where he came from. Finneu, his bonded companion, divulges very little information when prompted. He seems to have a vast knowledge of human culture, despite claiming to never have lived in their society for long.


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Quick Facts

Baltic is one of the founders and leaders of the mountain clan that claims some of Roendens northernmost mountains.

This Large Puller would prefer to solve things ith words rather than violence, despite his soldier rank.

Though he does not look it, Baltic is an experienced magic user, able to conjure shields and powerful arcane blasts at will.

His Companion, Finneu, has only ever know the companion of the wilds. Baltic's distaste for most humans stems from the fact that they abandoned her as a child.



Self-proclaimed partner for life, Alex is Baltic's world. Despite being bonded to a human, much to her chagrin, Baltic is just as connected and loyal to Alex. Very rarely are the two ever found separated, and they are a recognizeable pair far and wide.


One of his earliest acquaintences turned friend, Kale and Baltic get along very well. Both have a love for the territory they live in, and both are generally quiet and introspective. They find great enjoyment in peacefully sitting and admiring the beauty around them.


Skjold's presence is new to Baltic in the clan's territory. He isn't quite sure what to make of the retired mercenary and warrior, but he watches him closely anytime he comes around.

Lore Pieces and Stats

Gender: Male
Age: 31
Species: Vayron
Type: Puller
Fur: Duveteux
- Vulpes Ears
- Equine Tail
- Feline Eyes
Genotype Oat+Or/nPn/nRm/nDn/nTb/nFl
Phenotype Oriental, Rimmed Oat with Dun, Pangare, Tobiano, and Flaxen