What is Hosting?

Hosting is the act of displaying custom code created for a client on this website, under their own URL, that will not be taken down and is available to the public.

Why Host?

Many people may not be able to afford typical domain hosting, may not want to, and may simply like the ease of hosting elsewhere if they do not intend to edit or modify their content frequently. Hosting through also guarantees ongoing support, as I have full access to all files and data to edit.

What does it look like?

When you host pages here, they will be in this format:

Does it cost anything?

It does! Though it is adjusted based on how many pages are being hosted, and the type of content. Most code packages also come with free hosting, if at least for a limited time.

How do I get hosting?

Simply visit the contact page, and submit the required inquiry.

Base Prices

These are the base prices for hosting!

1-2 Pages

5$ a month minimum

Useful if you have a few rollers that you cannot host on weebly.

3+ Pages

7$ a month minimum

More dedicated roller hosting, up to 15 before price increase.

Full Websites/Content Directories

15$ a month minimum

Non-standard option, for those who need temporary web/directory hosting for groups that plan to eventually purchase their own domain.