Web design and coding is a service used to build and format webpages for various organizations, purposes, and uses. Each code developed by me is garunteed to be fully functional, unique, and easy to use and edit for support after Go-Live. Continued support is offered after the website is live, and a hands-on approach is used for styling and creating the website to make sure it fits your needs exactly.

Custom web design by Livard Arts that is garunteed to make your website and organization stand out.

- Custom built to your specification with frequent live deliverables to ensure progress and quality is being produced as you want.
- Any type of site is creatable, from informative sites to resource based sites for groups and companies.
- Assistance with hosting and further content development throughout process to make sure you can continue creating content after the site has been handed off.
- Lifetime support for the website with live chat and support offered.
- Complimentary lessons in HTML/JavaScript/PHP to ensure you know how your site is working and how to troubleshoot on your own.

Due to the unique nature of this service with live support and developement, price per package is calculated at a dollar per hour measurement. A quote based on your needs and vision for the site can be given at any time, and all time worked and planned is tracked and recorded to ensure accurate billing.

Basic Package
- Basic site designed to display information with pagination.
- Basic navigation.
- Choose from 3 different themes, then customized to fit.
- Basic support after site handoff.
- 2 week max completion.

$10.00 USD/hr

Tier-Two Package
- Custom site built from scratch according to your vision and specifications.
- Live support and deliverables throughout the entire process.
- Advanced navigation.
- Full support after site handoff.
- Personalized workshops to enhance your own HTML knowledge.
- 1 Month max completion.

$15.00 USD/hr

Tier-Three Package

- Fully Customized site creation from the ground-up to fit your organization's needs.
- Personlized graphics and images included.
- Advanced navigation.
- Full dedicated support after site handoff.
- Unlimited workshops to enhance your own knowledge of HTML and site construction.
- 1 Month max completion time, with ongoing lifetime support.
- Walkthrough of the hosting process and packages, to ensure you are getting the most out of your site and hosting company.

$20.00 USD/hr

Add-On Services

These services can be added on to any package at any point throughout the process.

- Custom graphic creation

Personalized images and graphics to decorate your site and give it a unique flair.


Please have your contact information ready when ordering.
Please allow 3-5 business days in regards to a response.